Water policy

Initiatives taken by IMPI Challenge to ensure we do not make use of Municipal drinking water from the city grid:

  • IMPI Challenge venues are hosted outside of the city on privately owned farms/ properties.
  • All our suppliers/ sub-contractors will be briefed about our initiatives and will have to comply with our water policy and strictly adhere to not using municipal drinking water.
  • IMPI Challenge makes use of Sales Hire as our service provider for portable toilets. All water used in the toilets is grey water and will be disposed of in a responsible manner by the service provider.
  • Waterless hand sanitisers will be used in the toilets instead of basins to wash hands.
  • NO showers will be provided.
  • All refreshment points on route will be stocked with coke and water sourced from an alternative source and not taken from the municipal drinking water.
  • We will educate both participants and spectators regarding our initiatives towards saving water.