How do I enter the challenge?

How old do I need to be to take part?

Category Average Distance No. of Obstacles Age Fee
IMPI Corporate 10 – 12km 18-20 16+ R500
IMPI Challenge 10 – 12km 18-20 16+ R400
IMPI Dash 5km 7-9 10+ R300
IMPI Mini +/- 1km varies 6-10 R100

Can I enter if I am a foreign citizen?

Yes you can, you need to provide us with your passport number instead of ID Number.


What is the entry fee?

Category Average Distance No. of Obstacles Age Fee
IMPI Corporate 10 – 12km 18-20 16+ R500
IMPI Challenge 10 – 12km 18-20 16+ R400
IMPI Dash 5km 7-9 10+ R300
IMPI Mini +/- 1km varies 6-10 R100

How can I pay for an entry?

  • You can pay with a credit card or via EFT – on checkout you select your option.
  • I paid via EFT, but I haven’t received my ticket?
  • Please email
  • Hours of operation: Weekdays 8am to 4pm

Can I do it in teams and if so how many people per team?

  • Yes you can do it in teams – please enter with your friends and family for an amazing experience.
  • There is a 15 person limit to a team, but you can enter more than one team.
  • Teams can be mixed teams of male and female, all shapes and sizes
  • Make sure you all enter into the same time slot, and on the day meet up and get to the start line together.

How do I enter a team?

  • Log on to the entry system here.
  • Make sure you have your team names, mobile numbers and their e-mail addresses.
  • Each team member will receive an e-mail and instructions on how to print their ticket, complete medical info etc.
  • You will need to make payment for the whole team to confirm the tickets
  • Any issues? Mail

What is the IMPI refund policy?

  • No refunds are applicable.
  • Please see the indemnity form here for further details.

Is it for men and women?


What time is registration?

  • An hour before your starting time selected when you register.
  • You select a time start when you register online however when you register on the day we break you down into smaller start groups within that hour you registered for.
  • Watch our Facebook and Twitter announcements and IMPI newsletters for pre-entry information.
  • Remember Elites start first off on the day

Are spectators allowed to come?

  • Yes, definitely! There will be a marked spectator route for them with viewpoints.
  • You can all enjoy the festival area together after the Challenge.
  • Even though pets are part of the family, they are not allowed at the Impi venues.

What about getting clean afterwards?

    • Please make use of the warm showers that are available to freshen up.
    • They are serviced but please bring your own towel.

In times of drought, this amenity will not be available. Please refer to your race info pack that will be emailed to you before the event.

Can I bring animals?

Strictly no pets allowed.

Can I bring my children?

  • Yes, definitely! Children welcome although please make sure they are looked after if you are taking part in the challenge.
  • Why not enter them into the Dash or Mini event? 

What is the total distance of the challenge?

Category Average Distance No. of Obstacles Age Fee
IMPI Corporate 10 – 12km 18-20 16+ R500
IMPI Challenge 10 – 12km 18-20 16+ R400
IMPI Dash 5km 7-9 10+ R300
IMPI Mini +/- 1km varies 6-10 R100

How fit do I need to be?

  • Participants need to be able to at least walk the indicated course distance comfortably without compromising their health.
  • Obstacles include swimming and climbing, so participants need to be prepared to exert themselves.

How long will it take me to do an IMPI?

That would depend on you: your level of fitness, strength, experience etc.

It would take an average person of average fitness:

IMPI Challenge: approximately 3h

IMPI Dash: approximately 2h

IMPI Mini: approximately 30min

Why do we need timing chips?

LiveTime timing bands are compulsory. Timing Chips fulfill various functions: help keep partcipants in their correct start time block; provide medical information in case of emergency; monitors who has started and has come off the course; gives you an indication of your time in comparison to others

More info on the timing bands here

Are any kind of timing chips allowed?

Only LiveTime silicone timing chips are allowed. They are compatible with many other events and belong to you.

What must I wear?

  • Whatever you feel comfortable to climb, crawl, swim and run in.
  • Try to avoid cotton that soaks up water and slows you down.
  • We recommend running shoes preferably not clean and new ones, tights long or short, and a running t-shirt or long top. You can donate your running shoes after the event to our ShoePower initiative.
  • Arm protection is also advisable – either arm warmers or a long top; if not, just be careful.
  • The IMPI shop sells gloves, long and short sleeve T’s
  • Remember to dress up and enter our Best Dressed Competitions.

Are food and refreshments available?

We will have food vendors catering for all your needs.

Can I bring my own food?

Unfortunately no outside food or drinks will be allowed into the venue.

Can I bring a gazebo?

Gazebo’s are not permitted unless you are an official exhibitor with prior permission from Impi Management.

For exhibitor queries contact

Where do I park and is there a fee?

Parking will be available at all venues at no charge.

Where can I leave my bag/stuff?

IMPI has a bag drop area that will keep your stuff for you until you need it.

Where can I see more on IMPI Challenge?

  • Check out YouTube videos here.
  • View our photo albums on Facebook here.

Who do I email if I have a further query?

Impi Challenge Terms & Conditions and Indemnity

If you have registered yourself or have been registered by someone else to participate in the IMpi Challenge event, you automatically accept the terms and conditions and indemnity of the event. See the indemnity here.