#IMPIct 2015 Elite Results: 18 October 2015


Stellenbosch – Just over 4000 adventure seekers gathered at the picturesque Lievland and Warwick Wine Estates in Stellenbosch on Saturday, 17 and Sunday, 18 October 2015 to partake in the finale of the2015 IMPI Challenge presented by Mitsubishi Motors.

Trevor Lagerwey and Chantel Nienaber set the course ablaze on Sunday securing victory in the IMPI Elite Race in impressive times of 01 hour 46 minutes 12 seconds and 02 hours 13 minutes 20 seconds respectively.


According to Lagerwey, he had a good race.  “The race started
at a fast pace with the trail runners taking the lead.  I just stuck behind them.  As the race progressed I managed to catch and stay ahead of Antoine Van Heerden.  I only caught Chad Gordon close to the end.  He was struggling with an obstacle.  This is my fourth IMPI Elite Race, winning feels awesome.  I’m a heavier guy, so I’m good at the heavier obstacles, but struggle on the run.  I have been working hard on that though.  FITstrong, the gym that I own, and IMPI go hand in hand.  It’s the most balanced sport.  You need to be both mentally and physically strong.  It’s part of my life.  I love it.”  Antoine Van Heerden came in second, while Chad Gordon finished third.


“I love coming back to the IMPI Elite Race,” said Nienaber.  “I really enjoyed today.  The first 5km is always intense as this is when you test the competition.  The last 10km was the most enjoyable as I knew that I had a strong lead and didn’t have to worry too much about being overtaken.  The IMPI Challenge is good, clean fun.  You never have to worry about your own safety.   You do have to put in solid, hard work.  It’s tough, but attainable.  Running across the final obstacle, the Lily Pads, is always such a cool feeling.  It’s an awesome moment.  I’ll definitely be back next year.”  Carina Marx came in second, while Ashley Harding finished third.



According to Pieter Du Plessis, IMPI Challenge Race Director, the 2015 IMPI Challenge season was met with great excitement.  “The vibe in Gauteng and Cape Town has been amazing with entrants of all ages joining in on the fun.  Exciting new developments in 2016 will see the IMPI Challenge boasting with a new venue in Gauteng as well as a reintroduction to Durban.  Event dates and venues will be announced shortly.  For now all that I can say is that the 2016 season will be bigger and better.”

Prize money was allocated to the top 3 finishers in the men’s and women’s IMPI Elite Race.  Trevor and Chantel each took home an impressive R10 000.00, while runners up secured R5000.00 and R2500.00.

To add more excitement, the first male and female IMPI Elite finisher that was 45 years of age and/or older took home a well-deserved R2000 prize.

The IMPI Challenge supports the Pebbles Project.  Thanks to generous IMPI Challenge entrants, Event Organisers were able to handover a whopping amount of shoes to this impressive organisation.

RESULTS:  IMPI Elite Race Cape Town #2 presented by Mitsubishi Motors

Venue:  Lievland and Warwick Wine Estates in Stellenbosch

Date:  Sunday, 18 October 2015

Elite Men: 1 Trevor Lagerwey 01:46:12 , 2 Antoine Van Heereden 01:50:06, 3 Chad Gordon 01:54:10, 4 Marlowe Brett 01:54:14, 5 Jeremie Strydom 02:01:41, 6 Robert Shaff 02:06:52, 7. Murray Haw 02:15:11, 8 Nelius Swart 02:17:01, 9 Cyril Onfroy 02:18:10, 10. Pietie Oosthuizen 02:19:50

Elite Women:  1 Chantel Nienaber 02:13:20, 2 Carina Marx 02:36:12, 3 Ashley Harding 02:50:20, 4. Carika Van Blerk 03:11:05, 5 Rna Neethling 03:37:56, 6 Ahlene Erasmus 03:50:15



A trail run with a twist, IMPI Challenge obstacles are challenging, yet safe making the IMPI Challenge ideal for entrants of all ages.  There are five categories to choose from when entering. 

Categories: IMPI Challenge:  11.5 km with 18 obstacles (age 18+ years)
  IMPI Dash:  5 km with 12 obstacles (ages 10+, all adults welcome)
  IMPI Mini:  1km with smaller supervised obstacles (ages 6 – 10 years)
  IMPI Elite:  18- 20km with 25 tough obstacles (age 18+ years); timed event with prize money
  IMPI Corporate: the 10km Challenge distance with extra benefits (age 18+ years)

 Entries for the 2016 IMPI Challenge Gauteng#1, Cape Town #1 and Durban #1 will open in November.

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Elite Male Results: Top 10 Finishers

First Name Last Name Time Pace (min/km) Pos. Gen.
Trevor Lagerwey 01:46:12 00:05:54 1
Antoine Van Heerden 01:50:06 00:06:07 2
Chad Gordon 01:54:10 00:06:20 3
Marlowe Brett 01:54:14 00:06:20 4
Jeremie Strydom 02:01:41 00:06:45 5
Robert Shaff 02:06:52 00:07:02 6
Murray Haw 02:15:11 00:07:30 7
nelius swart 02:17:01 00:07:36 8
Cyril Onfroy 02:18:10 00:07:40 9
Pietie Oosthuizen 02:19:50 00:07:46 10

Elite Female Results: Top 10 Finishers

First Name Last Name Time Pace (min/km) Pos. Gen.
Chantel Nienaber 02:13:20 00:07:24 1
Carina Marx 02:36:12 00:08:40 2
Ashley Harding-Male 02:50:20 00:09:27 3
Carika Van Blerk 03:11:05 00:10:36 4
Rna Neethling 03:37:56 00:12:06 5
Ahlene Erasmus 03:50:15 00:12:47 6
Nicolette Botha 03:58:25 00:13:14 7
Juanita Olivier 04:05:37 00:13:38 8
Kerstin Karpinski 04:05:42 00:13:39 9
Yvette Smith 04:05:47 00:13:39 10

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