Times and days

Book your preferred time slot. Click here to enter

Start time

IMPI’s are set off within their booked time slot at 15 minute intervals.
Once you’ve registered make your way to the start.


– IF YOU HAVE A LiveTime TIMING BAND, you do not need to register before going to the start line at your start time.
– Only queue to start within your start time and not before. The band will show that you are/are not in the correct time slot.
– IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A LiveTime TIMING BAND you need to register for the event before going to the IMPI start line
– You need a LiveTime silicone wrist band timing device – if you do not have one you will need to purchase one on the day for R50.
– Any changes need to be made at the registration/info desk before going to the start line.

Level of fitness

– Participants need to be able to at least walk the indicated course distance comfortably without compromising their health.
– Obstacles include swimming and climbing, so participants need to be prepared to exert themselves.


This includes climbing through, over and under natural and man-made structures, wading through mud and covering a trail course.

What to wear

Dress up to express yourself and your team.
Comfortable clothing and shoes that can get dirty. Try to avoid cotton that sucks up the mud and weighs you down. Consider donating your shoes to the Impi Shoe Power Initiative.

What about the dirt?

– Please make use of the warm showers that are available to freshen up. (Only available in Van Gaalens)
– They are serviced but please bring your own towel.
– In times of drought, this amenity will not be available. Please refer to your race info pack that will be emailed to you before the event.

Bag drop/my stuff

IMPI has a bag drop area that will keep your stuff for you until you need it. Leave your keys with us or cry later.

Medical Assistance

IMPI has a team of medics at the ready and life guards at the water obstacles.

Finishers photo

– Please have your/team photo taken with the IMPI Victory Shield.
– You will each receive a copy and it will be posted onto Facebook.


All your own chronic medication and allergy medication needs to be brought on the day. We want you to have an incredible experience but you are responsible for your own meds.


Let your fans cheer you on and witness your awesomeness on the marked spectator route that covers a minimum of 6 obstacles. Plus its totally free.